Our Developments


Whether it is a Day Care Center or a neighborhood bakery, Celtic Development has a quality solution for your business building design and engineering needs. Please use the link below for more information and examples of our developments in progress.

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Commercial development

Residential development


Our residential developments range from townhouses to custom build upscale homes. The choice of finish materials make a lasting impression of visitors and property owners. Explore our site for current, past and future developments

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Our Services

  • Land Surveying

    Boundary Surveys, Locate and Stake Property Corners, Topographical Surveys, Delineate existing ground elevations Staking Plans, Stake locations to install sewer and water mains, Storm sewers, curb and gutter, roadways and other utilities, Existing tree surveys, locate and map natural areas and utilities.
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  • Civil Engineering

    Zoning Analysis and best fit concept plan based and zoning and existing conditions. Proposed site regrading and drainage plans and detention ponds sized as needed. Water supply, Sanitary sewer system, storm sewers and appurtenances. Road design, curb and gutter, Street lighting, parkway restoration and signage. Prepare application packages to obtain development permits from, Municipal County, State and Federal Authorities and other Agencies having jurisdiction.
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  • Water Resources

    Undertake detailed floodplain studies of stream tributary areas. In catchment areas where Significant development has take place since the previous study was done a restudy will Usually result in a reduction of flood plain area thus increasing buildable acreage.
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  • Contracting & Developer Mgmt

    Provide estimates of Development cost of single family homes, retail or office buildings. Estimate site improvements for from single to multi structure development sites. Construction schedules and timelines prepared and updated throughout building process. Review and compare payout requests to construction progress and submit report.
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